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Rio Blanco County is a place where employees can find the work / life balance they desire. The workforce is dominated by hardworking, loyal and trustworthy individuals who love living and working in Meeker and Rangely and are drawn to the unique lifestyle attributes found in Northwest Colorado. Extending beyond the existing workforce are many initiatives and passionate people investing in the workforce of the future – our students.


Rio Blanco County features strong K-12 school districts and Colorado Northwestern Community College, which are all committed to building the upcoming workforce and providing highly successful employees for Rio Blanco County employers. Partner those assets with external workforce investment programs accessible through reliable broadband service and innovative educational resources, Rio Blanco County is excited to see where the next round of workforce will take Rio Blanco County businesses.



Connecting Colorado
Connecting Colorado » 

For employers, this resource can help you find and hire the right peple for your business. Connecting Colorado offers a more cost effective way of recruiting and hiring. Here, you can post job openings, review resumes, and connect with qualified workers.

For job seekers, this resource allows you to post your resume, apply for a specific job or do a self-directed job search through the jobs database.

Colorado Northwestern Community College

Colorado Northwestern Community College is a strong community partner that offers a variety of training programs, certifications to build workforce skills. If your business is in need of a specific training program to develop additional workforce skills, CNCC has helped fill that need in the past and is interested in assisting in the future.  Visit for more information!



If your business requires new workforce skills, or you are interested in developing a workforce that fits your specific needs, many partners in Rio Blanco County are ready to help!

Rio Blanco County Workforce Centers
Workforce Centers provide a variety of free services to assist employers and job seekers alike. These include:
  • Job listings
  • Computer & internet access
  • Career counseling & training for job seekers
  • Recruitment of workers, pre-screening & referral services
  • Tax credits and training reimbursement for employers
  • Customers can choose either self-service or staff-assisted options to meet their employment needs.
The Workforce Center serves both Meeker and Rangely Communities. Contact:
Rio Blanco Workforce Center
345 Market Street