Trailblazing Technology - Choose Rio Blanco - Rio Blanco County Economic Development
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Trailblazing Technology



For more information regarding Rio Blanco County’s Broadband service, visit one of the local service providers:

Cimarron Telecommunications »

Visionary Broadband »

Trailblazing Technology PDF »

Living Here PDF »

Not only do business owners and residents of Rio Blanco County have direct access to unlimited recreation, scenic views and a more relaxed lifestyle, but now they can also take advantage of the local broadband service – which features unprecedented rural broadband service with fiber to the door available within Meeker and Rangely. Rio Blanco County is a modern, world class destination for tourism and business growth while providing “small town” values, and is one of the first rural gigabit counties in Colorado and the United States.

Business owners and residents of Rio Blanco County and the communities of Meeker and Rangely enjoy state-of-the-art high speed internet and affordable rates, no contracts and no data caps. For only $70 per month, subscribers can receive up to 1GB of fiber service! This infrastructure asset is ideal for technology based firms, telecommuters, location neutral business, online based retailers and other business owners who require dependable, low latency, modern broadband technology.