Key Industries - Choose Rio Blanco - Rio Blanco County Economic Development
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Key Industries



Rio Blanco County is ready for telecommunication and broadband based business!  Fiber access for business owners is critical when looking for broadband service reliability, speed and connectivity. Combining the Rio Blanco County lifestyle, low cost of doing business, affordable cost of living, beneficial tax rates and 1GB broadband service, businesses will have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Fiber access for business owners is critical!

Top 5 Reasons

to Locate Telecommunication and Broadband Based Business:

  1. Affordable 1GB broadband service available
  2. Rio Blanco County provides an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Commercial real estate and tax rates are far less than many other areas in Colorado
  4. Employees can take advantage of the many outdoor recreation assets, sense of community and slower-pace lifestyle while still remaining connected to the workplace electronically
  5. Workforce development programs exist to develop specialized workforce, if needed



Tourism is a natural “fit” for Rio Blanco County businesses. Opportunities are endless, and this industry is ripe for growth. Rio Blanco County offers direct access to the White River National Forest, Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Dinosaur National Monument, Canyon Pintado Historical District and seemingly unlimited acres of public lands administered by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and multiple state agencies. Nationally known for the hunting opportunities, there are many other untapped tourism provider options for business owners to consider. While we have had success in developing new tourism opportunities, additional options exist and we are interested in working with you to build your tourism business.

Endless outdoor recreation options for all!

Top 5 Reasons

to Locate Tourism Businesses in Rio Blanco County:

  1. Direct access to public lands where tourism providers can provide a variety of recreation offerings
  2. Downtown revitalization efforts are underway to build a beautiful downtown that attracts visitors
  3. Options for federal commercial permitting
  4. Your employees will love the lifestyle and outdoor recreation access
  5. Available commercial property at reasonable rates



Rio Blanco County is 76% public lands, which offers many opportunities for business owners. Rio Blanco County’s history is rooted in the natural resource extraction industry, featuring massive oil, natural gas, coal and sodium bicarbonate reserves. Home to the Piceance Basin and the Weber Sand Unit, natural resource extraction companies actively participate in wildlife, cultural resource, and natural resource protection activities underway. This industry is a true community partner to Rio Blanco County, and offers many employment, revenue generation and community investment opportunities for the residents of Rio Blanco County.

Public lands offer many opportunities for business owners.

While this industry is already established, we are targeting new innovations within the industry, alternative uses for the products, and continually working to encourage additional production within Rio Blanco County.

Top 5 Reasons

to Locate Natural Resource Extraction Businesses in Rio Blanco County:

  1. Abundant oil, natural gas, coal and sodium bicarbonate reserves are located here.
  2. Significantly lower property taxes than all neighboring counties
  3. Available, quality workforce
  4. Proximity to existing infrastructure
  5. Multiple incentive and tax credit opportunities available



Those interested in providing aviation services, ranging from complete mechanical maintenance, repair and overhaul to avionics to unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) mechanics and piloting will find Rio Blanco County a competitive place to do business. Colorado Northwestern Community College has an incredible aviation program focused on aviation mechanics and pilot certification. The industry base exists, providing opportunity for aviation businesses.

Airports exist in Meeker and Rangely.

Top 5 Reasons

to locate Aviation businesses in Rio Blanco County:

  1. Airports exist in Meeker and Rangely
  2. Business owners have direct access to qualified aviation workforce through CNCC graduates
  3. Rangely Airport is in the Colorado Aviation Development Zone, offering additional financial incentives to business owners
  4. Airspace is plentiful, providing limited flight time conflicts
  5. 1GB Broadband service allows business owners to stay connected with customers, retailers and distributors