Taxes - Choose Rio Blanco - Rio Blanco County Economic Development
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Rio Blanco County offers residents the fifth lowest County mill levy property tax rate in Colorado, nearly 80% lower than the highest County mill levy tax rate in Colorado. Even with the decreased tax rates, Rio Blanco County has seen significant investment in public and private facilities.

Rio Blanco County recently completed construction projects at the Rio Blanco County Justice Center, historic Courthouse, fairgrounds, multiple office locations, completed construction of an unprecedented rural fiber broadband system, and numerous capital investments have been made in many commercial properties by private entities.

Property owners in Rio Blanco County pay significantly less in county property tax rates, when compared to neighboring counties in Northwestern Colorado.

Tax Paid RBC Moffat Routt Garfield Mesa
Mill Levy - County Only 9.05 23.93 17.567 13.655 12.214
Avg. Residential Property ($151,425) $98.65 $260.65 $191.48 $148.84 $133.13
Avg. Commercial Property ($181,344) $475.94 $1,257.58 $923.85 $718.12 $642.33